Dating Genie affiliate program

Get Flat 50% Revenue Share
Promote Strong Brands With Incredible Conversion Rate
24/7 Personal Account Management
No Negative Carry Over
Free Phenomenal Marketing Tools
Banners, Popups, Links and iFRAMEs for your site
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About the partnership program

The affiliate program offers a 50% revenue share for each subscribing member that affiliates bring to the dating program. A flat rate means there are no ambiguities and your efforts are not wasted. You will know in advance exactly how much money you are going to make per subscription.

The income from each referral is PERPETUAL in nature. This means that each time a referred member renews a subscription, you will get 50% commission, no questions asked, for LIFE.

You have powerful tools available for managing your entire relationship with us including player tracking, campaign tracking and income receipts. The campaign tracker allows you to track your most profitable sources of income, viz the sites that bring your most profitable members to

With our constant communication program with our affiliates, we are constantly releasing new material for consumption on your web sites, blogs, emails and RSS Feeds.

Choose from a multitude of media offerings such as banners, text links, text ads, formatted ads and other visual aids that best suit your site needs.

If have any special needs for your campaign, please feel free to ask us and we will be more than pleased to assist you in any manner possible to make these available to you.

Whatever you need to help carry out your promotion campaigns, just let us know.

Contact us on Live Chat in case you have any urgent requirements or just want to say hi.

Of course the golden question is how much can you really make on the affiliate program?

Use the calculator below to find out and get started by signing up now

Commission Estimator
Gold Members @9.99/mo
Platinum Members @14.99/mo
Estimated Commission /mo
Please note that this calculator is for estimation purposes only.
Actual commissions will depend on any additional bonuses etc and may vary from the above