Dating Genie affiliate program

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How much money should I expect to make?

There's a lot of money, some affiliates are reportedly earning  upwards of $10,000 a month. A realistic figure for a small website is $200 - $3000 a month. Plus, with subscription based sites such as, you will earn perpetual recurring income from the site.

Can I get into legal trouble for this?

No, there is no risk in the dating industry at all. The dating service at is standard and does not offer any illegal services.

Is the Dating-Genie affiliate program free to join?

Yes the affiliate program is 100% free to join and participate in. There are no fees to sign up with the affiliate program. We do not derive our income from recruiting affiliates but providing a wide range of useful services to our members.

How often am I paid?

The affiliate program pays out every month. Minimum withdrawal is $50, which means you should have earned at least $50 for a withdrawal to be possible.

How will I get paid?

You will require a account to receive payments from You must provide this before you can make any withdrawals. PayPal is a free service to register. Click here to visit PayPal

Are taxes removed from my commissions?

No. You're an independent contractor therefore it's your duty to report any and all earnings. We cannot provide advise on this. You should seek information from an accountant or tax professional in your jurisdiction.

Do I have to be from the USA?

No, you can sign up for any of these programs from anywhere around the world. Dating websites are considered to be an eproduct, where there's no shipping or concrete material. Members can therefore be located anywhere in the world!

Do I need to be incorporated? Do I need any other type of business license?

No you don't. You can have the payments made out to your personal name.